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Tough Tracker secures assets on unsecured  sites



Innovative Recycling Technologies, Inc. is an Environmental Remediation Contractor located on Long Island, New York.
With Tough Tracker welded to their high value asset machinery, they now have a tracking device that not only allows them to keep track of their assets around the clock, but one that is also bullet-proof and extremely difficult to remove or tamper with. 
Furthermore, the moment a machinery is taken out of a pre-set geographical area, they receive an SMS notification.


“We utilize expensive equipment that generally stays on-site at particular projects for long period of times. Many of these sites are not in our immediate area and are often not very secure. We make certain that ALL of our assets are equipped with Tough Tracker. Tough Tracker is the best asset protection I have ever used. Tough Tracker gives me peace of mind so i can concentrate on running my business, not worrying about the safety  of my assets.” 


John Dull, Vice President

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